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A game changer mtb experience! We escaped from the muddy and rainy winter in Costa Rica to South America. The Cordillera Negra and Cordillera Blanca was pure natural fun and backcountry freedom for 2 weeks. We shredded trails with the sickest views at crazy high elevations. They were the longest and most technical rocky trails I’ve ever ridden in my life. Peru has it all! From high speed bike park style lines to steep downhills on long Incan trails. Our bikes and bodies were seriously punished, but we always went on for more fun! Food was healthy and delicious, and the Peruvian people are very friendly and patient. Highly recommended this trip to anyone who wants to taste MTB from the core. Absolutely terrific, Ride Free!
— Wally Hernandez, San Jose, Costa Rica
If you’re into big descents in truly unique places, Ride Local is for you. Recently, I had the pleasure of spending a month with Kipp, Bryan and a large crew down in Peru. Not only did we cover the classic Sacred Valley trails, but we also spent a lot of time on lesser known and virtually unknown trails. Everything from multiple shuttles a day to multi day rides. Local DH race tracks to 15,600 ft summits. Forget the youtube videos on Peru riding, Ride Local covers that and so much more! Incredible riding and lifelong friendships, all provided by very knowledgeable guides. Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Mexico, who cares! If it’s with Ride Local, I’m in!
— Tommy Jewett, Ann Harbor, Michigan
The Ancash region of Peru certainly left an impression. An Impression of unreal mountain vistas with fun villages to explore. More importantly was the excellent network of unique and challenging trails. During our two weeks in the region we saw no other mountain bikers, making us feel like we had the whole place to ourselves. Ancash is like nothing I’ve seen before. The sheer scale of the Cordillera Blanca is humbling and inspiring. Looking up from town at permanently snow-capped peaks at 21,000ft, while wearing shorts and a t-shirt was a consistent source of wonder.
— Paulie Levine, Boston, Massachusetts
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