What are your trips all about?

Our trips were forged by the friends you meet out on the trail and the beers you drink afterwards. Designed for mountain bikers with a sense of adventure, you’ll ride big technical descents down to the best local accommodations and restaurants. Every detail is covered so you can enjoy first class riding in a different part of the world.

Why ride with Ride Local?

Being a small guiding company, we strive to offer unique trips and connect avid mountain bikers to new areas in the world. Ride the best descents down big mountains and eat awesome food with your friends. All our guides know the area’s personally, and represent the local mountain bike community in a positive way. Great trails, better company is our motto, come Ride Local.

How do I know which trip is best for me?

Each trip is unique and great in its own way and designed with mountain bikers in mind. Please read the trip details for our each of our offerings. There are also specifics on the fitness and skill level for each trip. You can refer to our fitness and skill level guide here for more information.

What is included in your trips?

Please refer to the trip details on the specific trip you’re interested in on our website for what is and isn’t included. Our international trips are fully catered for; airport pick up and drop off, lodging for trip duration, vehicle(s) for transportations and shuttles including a driver, breakfast and lunch for trip duration, snacks and water for all rides, 2-3 guides for trip duration, and of course multiple days of riding bikes is included in the trip price. We also include a complimentary Ride Local jersey or hat of your choice as a small thank you for joining us.

what isn’t included in your trips?

Please refer to the trip details on the specific trip you’re interested in on our website for what is and isn’t included. For our trips to Crested Butte and to our International locations there are only a few things not included. Airfare, travel and medical insurance, dinner for most nights, beverages minus water for rides, and bicycles. We do have bikes to rent for most of our trips at an extended price, click here for information on renting a bike. Here at Ride Local we trust World Nomads for insurance coverage, and Momondo.com for cheap reliable airfare.

How do I book a trip?

Thanks for wanting to join us on our trips! There are direct links on our website to book a trip. You can also email info@ridelocalmtb.com to book or inquire about our trips.

How far in advance should I book my trip?

Recommend booking at least 120 days in advance to give you ample enough time to prepare for your trip. Many of our international trips sell out well in advance so it's recommended to put down your $750 deposit asap to guarantee you'll get a spot. We offer an early-bird booking discount: if you book your trip more than 8 months in advance, we'll give you 5% off the price.

What can we expect a typical day to be like?

We make sure to discuss the itinerary for the trip’s entirety the first night of the trip.  We’ll continue to communicate throughout the trip our daily plans.  Expect to be eating breakfast by 8am and be ready to ride by 9.  Most mornings will consist of getting the bikes and gear loaded and heading out for our first ride of the day.  Managing 1-4 rides a day they will mostly be shuttle assisted.  The trails will mostly be long descents with steep and technical features.  They will have a moderate amount of climbing on trail and on connections to other trails.  Plan to be out riding 4-7 hours a day.  We will grab lunch at a local spot in a passing town or have a picnic lunch out on the trail.  Head back to our lodgings in the afternoon/early evening to get some dinner and rest, to do it all the next day.

What type of bike should I bring? Do you offer bike rentals with your trips?

We recommend bringing your own bike for trips like these.  You are more comfortable on your own bike and have a better idea of what you are capable of on it.  This said, a cross country/trail bike could survive our trips but is going to take a lot of abuse and possible limit your biking experience.  A full downhill bike is a bit of overkill and not properly equipped for long days in the back country.  The ideal bike for our trips should be an all-mountain/enduro bike with 130mm to 170mm of travel.   You and your bike must be able to confidently handle multiple rides a day with long descents over technical terrain. 

Renting a bike is an option for most of our trips at an extended price.  We offer awesome bikes that are well equipped for our trips.  Please refer to the specific trip page for information on renting a bike.

What are your terms and conditions?

Click here for a direct link to our terms and conditions.  A copy will be provided to you in your “Trip Guide” after registration.  All participants are required to read our terms and conditions.  All riders joining a Ride Local trip will be required to read and sign a Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Health Declaration, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement during the registration process and on the first day of your trip.  Once registered, a link to your waiver will be included in registration confirmation email.

What is the group size and eligibility?

Our trips are designed with groups in mind. We highly encourage you to invite your friends and family to take advantage of our group pricing. For Mexico, group sizes range from 2-8 people per trip. For all our trips to South America, group sizes range from 3-10 people per trip. For our trips in Colorado, we cater to all group sizes. We offer discounted group pricing to every trip with Ride Local which is listed in the trip details. Our group trips are kept small to ensure every participant is well looked after. Participants must be 18 and over, unless accompanied by an adult.

What if I’m traveling alone? What is your single rider best price guarantee?

Traveling solo with your bicycle is great way to meet people and make new friends with like-minded interests.  Please register for one of our trips and we’ll make sure that you are well cared for. Ride Local is the only company to offer a "single rider best price guarantee."  If you are just one person registering for our trips and there is a group also registered for that trip.  You will pay the equivalent group price.  

How fit do I need to be? What's your Fitness Level Guide?

Here is our Fitness level guide:

  • Level 1: Exercise regularly. Are comfortable with sustained output at a relaxed pace for 3-4 hours a day for 2-4 consecutive days. Comfortable riding at an elevation of 5,000 ft and below.

  • Level 2: Exercise 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes or more. Are comfortable with sustained output at athletic pace with occasional anaerobic periods. Can ride 4-6 hours per day for 2-4 consecutive days and are comfortable pushing and hiking with the bike for sections. Comfortable riding at an elevation of 8,000 ft and below.

  • Level 3: Exercise 3-4 times a week for 40 minutes or more. Are comfortable with sustained challenging pace including long periods of anaerobic exercise. Can climb for hours, ride 6+ hours a day for over 4 consecutive days with some technical hike-a-bike. Comfortable riding at an elevation of 12,000 ft and below.

  • Level 4: Exercise 5 times or more a week for 40 minutes and more. Are comfortable with sustained challenging pace including long periods of anaerobic exercise for five-plus days in a row. Are possibly training for an event. Comfortable riding at an elevation of 15,000 ft and below.

Please refer to the trip details on our website for the required fitness and skill levels for each specific trip

How technical are the trails and how skilled of a rider must I be? What's your skill level grade?

There are detailed descriptions on the technicality of the trails for each trip we offer on our website.

Here is our Skill Level Grade:

  • Grade A: Have been riding a mountain bike consistently for at least one season, are capable of controlling bike speed and direction on smooth doubletrack and rolling singletrack trails.

  • Grade B: Have been mountain biking consistently for two plus years, can climb and descend under control on moderately steep singletrack with loose rocks and some roots. Can ride with mild exposure at times. You know when to walk a section that might be too difficult.

  • Grade C: Have been mountain biking for over three years, are confident riding all types of singletrack, are able to ride small drops and jumps and descend technical steep sections including rock and uneven roots. Can ride confidently with exposure. You know when to walk a section that might be too difficult.

  • Grade D: Have been mountain biking for five years or more, can ride very technical trails including jumps, drops and narrow elevated trail sections. Can ride confidently on all types of terrain including sections with exposure. You know when to walk a section that might be too difficult.

Please refer to the trip details on our website for the required fitness and skill levels for each specific trip.

What are the accommodations like and what are the room arrangements?

All accommodations are at safe hospitable locations whom all Ride Local guides have personally stayed at for numerous times.  Expect 2-4 star lodgings at local establishments that are near the towns centers and offer good views of the mountains.  Breakfast is included at all the places we stay at.

For room arrangements expect to have 2-3 people per room with its own bathroom.  We do this in order to keep the costs down, but we do understand that this cannot apply to everyone.  For people wanting single room lodging that is no problem at all but is usually an extra charge.  Please refer to the specific trip you[re interested in for pricing on single room lodging or email us at info@ridelocalmtb.com.

What is the food like? What if I have special diet requests?

The meals provided are typical of the region, and we encourage you to sample the local cuisine. Breakfasts, lunch are included and some dinners as well. We promise you that you will be well fed for on your trip. When you register for your chosen trip you will be asked about specific dietary needs or preferences. We’ll do our best to accommodate any unique dietary requests such as; vegan, vegetarian, allergies, gluten free, etc. This said, being in a foreign country we cannot guarantee that all restaurants will accommodate your dietary needs.

What do I need to bring?

A detailed pack list will be included with your Trip Guide upon registration. This will include a detailed pack list of recommended items. Covering gear for all your daily needs, and a recommended parts and check list for your bike.

Do you offer custom and/or private trips?

Yes we sure do! We thoroughly enjoy creating custom trips for groups of people, and strive to deliver the bike trip of your dreams. Check out our Colorado Ride Connection page for information on custom trips all over Colorado. For our international trips there is little room for customization around our fixed dates, but if you have a group of 7-10 people wanting to book an international trip around our fixed dates please let us know. We do offer custom trips to various locations worldwide that must be booked at least 4 months in advance. Explore even more unique and amazing locations with your friends, family and mountain bikes. Click here for information on custom international trips or email us at info@ridelocalmtb.com for inquiries on custom and/or private trips.

Can you help me with my pre and post travel arrangements or airfare?

We can assist with extra hotel nights, bike bag storage or revised airport transfers if you wish to extend your trip before or after your trip with Ride Local. International airfare (and associated costs) to your trips starting or ending place is not included nor organized by Ride Local. Here at Ride Local we use of momondo.com for finding well priced and reliable airfare.

Should I buy medical insurance and/or trip cancellation insurance?

All Ride Local participants are required to have valid travel medical insurance and travel cancellation insurance. You will have to fill out a medical release and information form with your medical insurance policy information and general medical information before each trip. This information will be kept strictly confidential. If you have your own travel medical insurance policy (e.g. through your work), please ensure that it covers adventure travel, specifically mountain bike trips - some policies exclude what they deem to be 'extreme' sports, and often mountain biking falls into that category.

We strongly advise you get travel cancellation insurance once you submit your deposit. With it, you will avoid losing the funds you have invested in your trip and flight due to an emergency or illness, or illness or death of an immediate family member. Some cancellation policies also provide baggage loss protection and other protection.

If you need help with travel insurance please let us know, we partner with World Nomads for all of our travel insurance needs.

Can I get a Discount?

We have a few discounts on offer for you. Offer 5% off to any returning person to our trips. Early-bird discounts, if you book 8 months in advance you will receive 5% off. For any race participant in the Big Mountain Enduro series we offer 5% off. For private groups of 8-10 people we offer 5% off. Once you are registered and we receive your deposit you will receive a discount code to majority of Ride Local’s supporters and sponsors. This way you can get hooked up with all the quality gear you need before your trip.

Cancellation policy?

We understand that things happen and the game of life can give you a flat tire. We do our best to offer a fair cancellation policy for these instances. Due to the price and logistics of our trips we do adhere to a strict cancellation policy. Please review our cancellation policies below. They will also be provided with your Trip Guide upon registering.

If canceling for our International and Crested Butte trips:

  • Once your $750 USD deposit is received you have 14 days to get a full refund, as long as you are not within the 60-day pre-trip window. After 14 days your $750 USD deposit is nonrefundable, but can be transferred to another trip up to 150 days prior to your trips start date and must be used within one calendar year of your cancelation request.

  • Once full balance is paid at 60 days before the trip start date, 50% may be refunded up to 45 days prior, 25% refunded up to 30 days prior.

  • All trips are non-refundable 29 days or less prior to the trips start date.

If canceling, the following policy applies for our Private or Custom trips:

  • $750 USD trip deposits are non-refundable once your deposit has been received. Once your full balance is received at 90 days before the trip starts, 50% may be refunded up to 75 days prior. 25% may be refunded up to 60 days prior. All Custom or Private trips are non-refundable 59 days or less prior to the trips start date.

  • All participants must purchase Travel Insurance to avoid loss of funds if cancellation is necessary.

  • All cancellations must be made via email and sent to info@ridelocalmtb.com

What if Ride Local cancels a trip?

Once you have registered and paid your deposit, you can go ahead and start looking into flights and making other arrangements right away. We won’t cancel the trip unless it for unforeseen circumstances.

Natural disasters including but not limited to; erupting volcano, landslide, flooding, wildfire, earthquake, droughts, major storm, etc. can occur at any destination where we operate our trips. Political instability can also occur in some countries where we operate trips making a destination un-safe to visit. Natural disasters and political instability can disrupt our trips prior to departure and during the trip. When possible Ride Local will inform participants in advance of any possible disruptions. In the event a trip is cancelled or an itinerary is modified for the group’s safety due to a natural disaster or political instability, Ride Local will not be responsible for loss of funds. All riders should have comprehensive Travel Insurance that covers travelers in these circumstances.


Please don't hesitate to email us at info@ridelocalmtb.com with any questions you may have.

-Ride Local